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What’s healthier – bottled mineral, filtered or tap water?

You already know that tap water isn’t always as healthy as it could be. The chemicals added by the cleaning process have been linked to human health issues and the water can pick up debris and even bacteria between the treatment plant and your home. That’s why so many people have fitted an under sink water filter.

Tap water is treated to remove bacteria, which makes it drinkable. But, the presence of chlorine and floured have raised health concerns and it has to travel many miles inside pipes. It’s impossible to know what contaminants it is exposed to as it travels through these pipes, but t is certain that there are some and the water you get at your tap is not the same quality as the water that leaves the treatment works.

But, having already ruled out tap as the healthiest option, which is actually healthier for you, bottled mineral, or filtered?

Filtered Water

This is actually the winner. A water filter removes the chemicals put in at the treatment works, specifically chlorine.

Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, something which it is very good at. However, too much chlorine can affect the health of your organs, especially if you are sensitive to it. It’s not just about the water you drink; you can also absorb chlorine through your skin; when you wash

The water filter also removes any debris that may have been picked up in the pipes; giving you better tasting and healthier water than your standard tap water.

But What about Bottled Mineral Water?

The first question is where does the water come from? Some bottled waters are actually just tap water with minerals added. This means they already have the same chemical issues that tap water does. Of course, bottled water is exceptionally convenient; especially when you’re on the go.

However, bottled water is tested to ensure it remains safe for consumption, bottled water also does have minerals added which should be beneficial to your health.

Unfortunately, these benefits are offset by the issues with bottled mineral water. The first is that it can sit in a bottle for a long period of time. The problem with this is that chemical compounds can leach out of the soft plastic and into the water. Additionally, the plastic bottles are not designed to be reused; meaning that they are thrown away; adding to the pollution on the planet and not doing the environment any good.

There is also a concern that some water is not completely free of contaminants before being bottled; making it potentially unsafe to drink.

You should also consider the fact that purchasing bottled mineral water to drink is an expensive method of getting drinking water. Using a water filter for a year will cost you less than $10, buying bottled water for a year is likely to cost you approximately $3,000. That’s a considerable difference.

The solution is to use a properly designed re-usable water bottle and refill it from your tap after it has gone through your water filter; this is the safest option.




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