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Visit Chuck E. Cheese’s On Nov 5th – FREE PLAY for One Day Only!

What do parents do with an extra hour in the day and energetic kids who are four butterfingers and two snickers deep in their Halloween bags!? Chuck ECheese’s is here to help. Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering one hour of free play with any purchase on Monday, Nov. 5 to help families with the time adjustment – a $20 value. Kids can play any game, as many times as they want, for an entire hour. THIS is Daylight Playing Time!

While this offer of free play for 60 minutes with any purchase is only on Nov. 5, you and your family can enjoy this new way to play (playing unlimited games for a certain amount of time) every day, any day, with the brand’s recently launched All You Can Play… meaning less sticky, little fingers asking for more tokens and more fun and games!!

We visit Chuck E. Cheese’s at least twice a month, my kids LOVE all you can play (and my husband too!), we can’t get enough of the games they have to offer, we’ve also had a few birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s, it’s a great place for parents to have some downtime whilst letting the little ones run around freely!

Click Here for more details on this offer!



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