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Tidy Up Cables With The Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit @BestBuy

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My entertainment system was a mess up until last week, we have a 70 Inch TV, an Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Entertainment system and a cable box. Cables get in the way of everything, especially when I am trying to clean out underneath the entertainment center!

My husband has been looking for a way to clean up all of the cables for a while, he tried to run them behind the wall and we ended up with a big hole which needed covered badly!

The Legrand In Wall TV Power kit gives you an easy way to route your TV Power and HDMI Cable in the wall. These two thing make my entertainment center look messy and with the help of the Legrand In Wall TV Power Kit, this has made our living area look so much cleaner around the entertainment area. There is no electrical wiring required and it comes with EVERYTHING you need to hide those ugly cables.

Here is a diagram of how the Legrand works, it connects seamlessly, my husband set this up and it took him around 20 minutes to get everything installed. He is quite the handyman and if you have one of those at home, this would make a fantastic holiday gift!

The flat panel not only takes control of cables and wires, it will eliminate tangles across the floor and the white decorator plate provides a beautiful, clean finished look.

It offers convenient access to the back of your TV which is a must if you have a large television that makes cables hard to control.

My favorite feature is definately the sleek look once it’s installed the whole installation process was fairly simple and I love that we don’t have those annoying wires making our entertainment center look messy anymore!

Some More Great Features

Compatible with any TV brand
Ensures flexible use.
Easily expandable
Extends power to a wall mount TV without modifying the home’s existing electrical wiring.
Duplex receptacle
Powers multiple devices such as a TV, speaker bar or internet media box.
Recessed receptacle
Supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts.
Unique decorator based power inlet strap
Provides flexible project support for ganging other connections.
Hides both power and AV cables
For a clean, professional installation.

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