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Starlink: Battle For Atlas – On Sale @BestBuy

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Are you looking for a new game for the holidays? Starlink: Battle For Atlas is a game that the whole family will love! My husband and I have always been bigger gamers, me even more so since the old Atari, Amiga 500, Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive days, I was a complete tomboy as a kid and I still love my video games in adulthood!

Naturally my kids LOVE video games, they take that after mom and dad, every time we get a new game, they want to play it.

We love games that include characters, games that are creative and we can build things to go along with, think Lego games, Skylanders and Disney Infinity, those sort of games my kids absolutely love.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is one of those games! You can buy the game pack and there are add ons with ships and figures to include, my kids were so excited when the game arrived for our Nintendo Switch!

We ended up with the starter pack, weapons kit, pilot kit and starship pack, a whole bunch of fun game accessories for my kids to put together!

How The Game Works

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world space saga that features modular toy technology that allows players to assemble and customize real-world physical starships, link the starships to their game controller, and launch into an epic adventure across the Atlas star system, either in single player or with a friend in two-player split-screen local co-op.

Each modular component and pilot attached to the starship appears instantly in-game, allowing players to directly affect the course of their battle in a meaningful way.

Our Thoughts

One of the main reasons we were super excited to play the game was to build all the little pieces and put them together and see what epic adventure awaits us. My husband, kids and I had lots of fun assembling the pieces!

We absolutely LOVE open world games, what’s more fun than an open world space adventure that you can control from the accessories? The game has some super fun challenges that are exciting for the whole family to enjoy and without giving too much away, the game will take a while as with any open world game and that’s what I personally love most about it.

Right Now you can Save $25 on Starter Packs at Best Buy PLUS save another 30% on Starlink toys!

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Save $25 on Starter Packs. Plus, save 30% on Starlink toys.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One – Click Here to learn more!



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