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Mangrate Review – Grill like a Pro!

When I cook steaks I always use the grill, but we have a charcoal grill and it never heats up the steaks good enough, even when they are placed directly on the racks.  I recently tried out the Mangrate, problem solved!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMangrates are made with a cast iron design which utilize radiant heat instead of convection “hot air” heat.  You will soon be able to grill your meat and poultry just like they do in restaurants with those juicy looking grill marks and awesome flavor!

sidebar-patentThe Mangrate has a patended design.  The smoke rails trap and retain fats and oils that are released during grilling.  The juices that are released, aid in the natural smoking process and those are what give your meat a fantastic barbecue flavor.

Mangrates can last a lifetime if well cared for due to their cast iron design.  They can be used on any type of grill, you can choose the number of Mangrates you want to use ManGrate_brush_sidebardepending on your grill size what’s cooking!

Th Mangrate also includes a brush for easy cleaning! The stiff wire bristles are custom designed to reach down into the Mangrate and scrape away burnt foods that get stuck in the grease gutters.

It’s recommended to use the brush before grilling once the plates are hot and non stick vegetable spray has been used, then after your done grilling and it cools down.

Mangrates must be seasoned before use, the process is really easy.

Apply cooking oil such as Crisco, Pam or use a blasting brush and vegetable.

Set your Mangrates down on the grill, turn up the heat, close the lid and allow the oils to sink into the grate for 10 to 15 minutes.

Once the Mangrate is done season, it’s recommended to turn the heat down to medium, the Mangrates retain heat and stay extremely hot.

Our Experience with Mangrates

As you can see from the first photo we made some extremely juicy steaks, grilled to perfection with those awesome grill marks!


We also made some pretty good boneless pork chops!  I usually have a problem when I grill pork chops, they always dry up really easily, the Mangrate helped them retain some of their juices and stay flavorful!


Now for the steak, can you see how good it turned out?  We used Rib-eye steaks, they have some great flavor, then we added parmesan and garlic, cooked to medium rare and they turned out beautiful, delicious and juicy!.

My Final Thoughts

I really do not have one bad thing to say about Mangrate! They make cooking steaks and meat so much tastier, easier and juicer.  The Grates are easy to set up, easy to season and easy to clean.

The brush that is included is great because it reaches down and gets all the food out that might get stuck in the grooves.

Once your meat is done, it’s tender and so much more flavorful cooked on the Mangrate!


If you would like to find out more about Mangrate or make your grilling experience 100% better Click Here!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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