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Learn How The Echo Dot Kids Edition Helps Keep New Years Resolutions

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

It’s a new year and as always, we make promises to ourselves, some of those promises are hard to keep but sometimes you just need a little bit of extra and with the amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition we’ve found a whole new way to do that.  If you didn’t know this already the Echo Dot Kids Edition has a ton of skills ready to be used and we are taking full advantage of that.

Around the new year, myself, my kids and my husband all made resolutions, I feel like it’s important as a family to build each other up and help each other stick to those resolutions. Here are some ways the Echo Dot Kids Edition and other Amazon devices are helping us –


I will be the first to admit, I get super busy and my son isn’t all too keen on homework and I, myself, sometimes forget to help him and remind him to do it.  Thankfully, there are a TON of skills to take advantage of with the Echo Dot Kids Edition.  Some of our favorite skills include –

Geography Geek – It gives you fascinating facts about the world and it’s SUPER helpful if your little one is learning about the world and all of the different countries.

Homework Heroes – This skill lets kids play games with Alexa that will improve their knowledge and at school, my son has learned a lot from this one!

Calculator Skills – All kids love a calculator, If they get stuck on a maths question, they can say “Alexa, what’s 2 + 2”, it’s a great way for little ones to learn adding and subtracting.

There are SO many skills for kids to help with their homework and Alexa is helping us stay on top of homework which is one of our new years resolutions.

Brushing Teeth

My son recently got braces and he has to make sure he brushes his teeth morning and night, this should be a given but sometimes we get busy or we’re absolutely exhausted and the kids end up just going to bed.  We have now set reminders with Alexa so we all brush our teeth morning and night.  My sons first follow up appointment didn’t go to well with his orthodontist as he hasn’t been brushing enough.  We have really been keeping up with it now thanks to Alexa and here’s hoping his next appointment will go much better!


One of my own personal new years resolutions is to stop eating out as much and cook more at home.  I’m thinking about adding a lot of recipes I’ve recently learned and adapted within the last few weeks.  Here are some skills Alexa has to offer if you’re looking to cook more at home –

AllRecipes – Probably one of my favorite websites as they have thousands of recipes, right at your fingertips.  With Alexa, all you have to do is say “Alexa, ask allrecipes for a salmon recipe” and it will find the recipe for you, you can even ask Alexa to send it to your phone!

Kitchen Measure – This will quickly help you work out measurements and find equivalent measurements commonly used in cooking, this has been an extremely useful skill for me.

Recipe Finder By Ingredients –  This app helps you find recipes using whatever ingredients you have in your fridge, I LOVE this skill since I’m always running out.

Wake Up Calls

In the summer, I love to get up early and watch the sunrise,  in the winter – not so much. My kids on the other hand need to get up for school so every night I tell Alexa to wake me up at a certain time and boom, I’m wide awake.  Not only has work really amped up for me this year but two of my kids are now at school which means I need to be up even earlier so they can both have breakfast and get ready for the day.  Some alarm clocks don’t go off, but Alexa has never failed me.

What is the Echo Dot Kids Edition & FreeTime on Alexa?

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is made for kids, it’s knows that families love to have Alexa in their homes and a kid-friendly Alexa was bound to show up!  Amazon Free Time is one of my favorite things with the Echo Dot Kids Edition, I just set it up and my kids can talk to Alexa about family friendly related things.  Alexa can tell jokes, you can install bedtime story skills, you can have Alexa read you your favorite Disney book and even play music that will make little ones want to get up, dance and burn out that energy! Free time starts at only $2.99 / month and it’s completely worth it considering they have over 300 audible books, you can manage parental controls with the parent dashboard and even set fun character alarms that kids will love waking up to!

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