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How to Remove Bad Odours from a Carpet

Image Source: Pixabay

Carpets can be high maintenance and even with regular deep cleaning, a thick fibre pile carpet can hang onto all kinds of unpleasant smells. Opening the windows brings temporary relief, but that isn’t always an option, a great Carpet Cleaner is a must and if you have pets, a pet stain eraser is also a must have! Here is a guide on how to get rid of the smell once and for all.

    • Assess the Problem – It might be caused by a surface stain, in which case, removing it is not an issue, yet if the stain causing the smell is deep and ingrained into the fibres, it might take 2 or even 3 applications to completely remove. Elite offers carpet cleaning Gold Coast residents can trust and they use state of the art machinery to ensure the carpets are left spotlessly clean and smelling fresh.


  • Use Baking Soda – For a surface stain, baking soda can be an effective remedy for bad odours. You can literally pour a good helping of baking soda on the affected area and leave it for a few hours, before vacuuming it up thoroughly. A really potent odour and you can leave the baking soda to work overnight. For a stubborn stain that also smells, mix a little baking soda with vinegar and water and you can dab the solution onto the stain with a soft cloth. The other alternative is to call in a carpet cleaning expert, who will soon have the stain (and the odour) removed, and you can have him deep clean all your carpets while he’s there.

Image Source: Pixabay

    • Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning – Even if the carpets do not have a bad smell, it is still important to have them cleaned regularly, say twice a year. This will remove any deep-down dirt and grime that people’s shoes invariably bring in, especially if you happen to have a deep pile carpet. There is a step by step guide on how best to remove bad odours from a carpet using baking soda which you can check out.


  • White Vinegar – Especially good for removing pet related stains, and by simply spraying the affected area until really wet and leaving it overnight, animal urine odour should be removed. A stubborn urine stain can be removed with hydrogen peroxide but test it on a tiny bit of carpet first to ensure there is no damage. If you are at all unsure, don’t use a harsh chemical on the carpet, rather call out a carpet care expert and let him deal with it.

Image Source: Pixabay

Good carpet care will prolong its life and if you are in any doubt about how to remove a stain or odour, call out your local carpet cleaning outfit who will have a wealth of knowledge. Air fresheners work to varying degrees, but it is far better to remove the source of the smell rather than trying to mask it with something else. Another professional trade secret is leaving bowls of ammonia around the house, which might not attack the stain, but it will certainly leave the air clean and fresh.




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