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How To Make The Holidays Super Fun With The Echo Dot Kids Edition

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The holidays are here!  My oldest just officially finished school today, they wrapped it up with a fun holiday party, cupcakes and they all got to wear pajamas!  Are your little ones at school yet? What are their favorite holiday traditions?  Aside from school parties, Santa visits and sledding, we have a lot of other holiday traditions and since kids are at school almost 45 weeks out of the year, we love to make the holidays extra fun, whether that’s travelling to a new destination or just staying at home and spending quality time together.  Whatever happens, we make sure our enjoy their time of school, just as us adults love some quality time off work!

This season will be filled with all of the same traditions and we are throwing an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition into the mix, let me tell you, when I say it’s the perfect accompaniment for the holidays, I mean it!  There are so many skills you can enable making the Echo Dot Kids Edition just perfect your little ones around the holidays!

How To Make The Holidays Super Fun With The Echo Dot Kids Edition

Bedtime Stories

Do your kids love a bedtime story?  I know mine do!  They love when I read to them and sometimes they even read to each other which is utterly adorable!  But, my kids don’t always go to bed at the same time and I’m generally  a very busy mom which means I don’t always have the time to read to them!  The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is perfect for when your kids want a bedtime story!  There are lots of skills you can enable like Disney stories and other bedtime stories, one of our favorite skills is The Night Before Christmas, there also lots of other holiday stories and your little ones can fall asleep listening to them or listen together! 

Holiday Recipes

Love to bake together?  My kids are little cookie monsters and they love nothing more than helping me bake some of their favorite holiday cookies and cupcakes! I also like to mix things up a bit and try different recipes and all I need to do now it say “Alexa, Show me a holiday recipe”.  When cooking and following the directions you can also ask Alexa to set a timer, for instance, if you’re baking cookies just say “Alexa, Set a cookie timer for 20 minutes”. Have a favorite chef? I watch Beat Bobby Flay every week, that and chopped, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.  You can ask Alexa to find you a Food Network Recipe from your favorite chef! I feel like cooking together allows my kids to develop some good quality skills and the Echo Dot Kids Edition is making that extra fun for us!

Interacting With Santa

When I was younger, there was absolutely no way for me to interact with Santa, aside from the expensive mall photo or the rare appearances santa would make in different places.  The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has lots of way for children to have fun, get excited and find out more from santa!  A few fun commands include “Alexa, Call Santa”, “Alexa, Track Santa” and your little ones can also ask questions like “Alexa, Can a reindeer fly?”. When I told my kids they could call Santa, they were super excited! Kids can also ask Alexa every day, how long is it until Christmas?  

Smart Plugs

How fun is it for your little ones to be able to turn the christmas tree lights on and off just by asking Alexa?  It’s pretty magical! With Alexa and an Amazon Smart Plug, your little ones can even change the color of the Christmas lights!

Keeping In Touch With Family

Most of my family live in Scotland and my husbands family live in Florida, that means my little ones don’t get to see their relatives very much and around the Holiday Season, being able to talk or see them is super important! With simple commands like “Alexa, Call Grandma”, both sides of the family can stay in touch and keep in contact with each other!

Holiday Shopping

This one is more for the adults but you can ask Alexa to find a certain grocery store, create a to do list and even create grocery lists.  This along with reminders is the perfect way parents NOT to forget anything during the busy holiday season!

Alexa Skills Blueprints

Blueprints let your little ones spread some holiday cheer, they can create a Christmas wish list, send Santa a letter and they’ll even get a reply from Santa himself! With the Hallmark Holiday Greeting Card Blueprint, kids can also send Holiday Cards!

As you probably know, Alexa can also play music, your little ones can have their own dance party but aside from the fun stuff, there are also some great learning skills so kids can continue to grow throughout the holidays!

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is designed to be kid friendly and it’s built with world class parental controls so you can monitor every aspect!

Alexa also has FreeTime Unlimited, your little ones can choose from over 300 kid friendly, audio books, listen to ad free radio stations, create playlists, character alarms and more! Freetime is available for as little as $2.99 month and I 100% recommend it as my kids absolutely love everything it lets them do! Plus, if you have more than one Amazon device or tablet like we do (we have around 5, we’re slightly obsessed!). you can add FreeTime Unlimited on fire or android devices at no extra cost.

With Echo and Alexa, my kids learn, have fun and makes our lives as parents, just that little bit easier!

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