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How To Help Kids With Reading and Homework

This post was sponsored by Amazon as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

March is National Reading Month, my son had a hard time at school when he first started learning how to read but with lots of help, he is now excelling at reading, he can read over 100 words per minute and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

I have sat down with my son a lot, as have his teachers and helped learn him how to read better, we have always had a bedtime tradition where he picks his favorite book and we read it together!

These last few months we have been trying a different direction when it comes to reading, we have been using the Echo Dot Kids Edition and many of the skills they have to offer that will help out even more with reading.

Alexa not only helps kids with reading but it also makes it more entertaining, my son gets bored really easily so we have found a bunch of skills that will keep him occupied and focused on his reading via Alexa.


There are over 1,000 books available on FreeTime With Alexa and Audible, they also have books categorized for ages so you can find something for every age and browse through all of the categories.

We have been reading all of the Harry Potter books, listening to a few chapters each night, I for one which may sound crazy, have never watched any of the Harry Potter movies so I figured now was the right time to start, not just for me but for my son!


Alexa is also great at helping with homework, Just ask “Alexa, what is 9+2” and you have the answer. Now this may sound like an easy way out but we use this skill for confirmation and to verify the correct answer. My son will do his homework then we will go through each answer individually using Alexa and the Echo Dot Kids Edition to confirm if his answers are correct. It’s an amazing way to help your little ones add, subtract and more!

National Geographic

National Geographic is one of my sons favorite skills, he loves to learn about the world, animals and new things every day. As the saying goes “You learn something new every day” and this is what we try and achieve using Alexa and the Echo Dot Kids Edition.


Once homework and reading is out the way, my son has a little downtime, with Amazon FreeTime, you can install kids friendly skills such as games, trivia and even ask Alexa to tell you a joke. I will usually have Alexa tell us a few jokes after homework is finished and this is a funny, rewarding experience!

With the Amazon FreeTime Parent Dashboard, I can also check on what my kids are doing, what they’re reading, what they are listening to and as a parent I personally love this feature. Whilst the internet is full of amazing things, it’s always good to set a time limit and monitor you’re little ones activity.

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