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How I Prepared My Son For Giving Tuesday

This Post Is Sponsored By T-Mobile.

Have you heard about Giving Tuesday? T-Mobile wants everyone to get into the spirit of #GivingTuesday, they will be making more than $2 million available to employees, fans and customers to do their #GivingOnUs! I knew I had to teach my son about it.  He is a super kind boy, he loves to help others and he will go out of his way to make someone feel loved and happy, this is a unique quality to have in a child and I just love how he wants to help others and learn more about new ways to do so!

Of course, giving isn’t something that is usually learned overnight, we work on it throughout the year, I want my children to grow and be kind, creative, intelligent people who will have the world to look forward to!


Every Easter we go to a church and they have an Easter egg hunt, (sadly) I see a lot of the parents telling their kids to grab as many eggs as they can and where to find them all.  Okay, this might sound like just a competitive parent but then I see lots of little kids who aren’t as fast as the bigger ones walk away with no eggs, crying and sad.  Moral of the story, every year when my son gets a lot of eggs, he always shares and gives a few away to the little ones who didn’t get any and it’s his idea, this is part of giving, he’s learning and knows the importance of giving and sharing!


My son and I read daily, he loves reading, it’s one of his favorite things to do and can usually get his imagination going!  We’ve recently started reading books about gratitude, stories about helping others and books that make him think about how others feel in certain situations.  We love reading books about dragons and other mythical creatures but it’s SO important to read about real people, real situations and stories that are written to help educate young minds!


I love to travel and with each destination we go to, my kids see and experience not just good situations but they also see people who are struggling and in need.  For instance, we went to California last year and we drove through Skid Row, my son was asking why there were so many tents.  I explained to him that the people were homeless and that many of the people in that area move there to find work but can’t.  He felt so bad for the people and wanted to know how he could help, this is something we’re working on doing next time we visit and we will be sure to help a few out as much as we can.

We love to give back during the holidays, in the area I live, they have a program called Toys for Tots, every year my kids and I go down and drop some unopened toys off, these toys go to more needy families, foster homes etc.  It’s SO important to teach your little ones that the holidays aren’t just about presents and candy, sure that’s fun but there are a lot less fortunate people out there who could use our help.  One good deed a day or even once a week can help so many people if we were all to do it!

From T-Mobile

“We love giving back during the holiday season and this Giving Tuesday we want our customers, fans and employees to do their #GivingOnUs!” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile.
“We’re making it easy. We’re putting more than $2M in their hands and giving them the opportunity to donate to some amazing organizations that will make a huge difference in our communities.”

T-Mobiles commitment to charitable giving goes far beyond just a day, In 2018 T-Mobile has donated more than $8 million and offered more than 34,000 volunteer hours to organizations that support youth, veterans, the environment, disaster recovery, ending hunger in america and more! This doesn’t even include the donations that will come from T-Mobile Giving Tuesday this year!

There are no strings attached to Giving Tuesday, here’s how it works –

  • T-Mobile Customers can give 10 meals on T-Mobile through the T-Mobile Tuesday app to help feed america and you will get the chance to win $25, $500 or even $500 to donate to your favorite charity!
  • Whenever you tweet with the hashtag #GivingOnUs, T-Mobile will give 10 meals to feed America, in total up to $1 million!
  • The T-Mobile Foundation will deposit at least $27 in every T-Mobile employee’s Giving Account, which they can donate to any eligible charity of their choice.

Giving Tuesday will happen on November 27th so if you are a T-Mobile customer, don’t forget to check the T-Mobile Tuesday app and even if you’re just a fan, don’t forget to tweet #GivingOnUs!

Click here to learn more about Giving Tuesday!



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