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HOOT For Kids Subscription Box Review

HOOT For Kids is a subscription box service with two options, a newborn box or a treasure box.  This review is a review of the treasure box, when I signed up, I let them know my childs name, age and gender.

HOOT for Kids is $34.99 / Box or less with longer subscription is options and it’s customized based upon your child’s age and developmental stage.

My daughter is 3 and a half so this box was tailored just for her!

When I opened the box there were a few toys, a thank you note and a note personalized just for Sophia with some activity ideas!

Now Let’s see what was inside!

Maggie’s Closet Doll – $15 Value 

I wasn’t too excited at first glance when I first saw a doll as my daughter tends to just rip their heads off but then I opened it up with my daughter, we saw all of these cool little clothing items!  It’s shaped like a closet, you can store the doll and the clothes inside it.  It’s actually pretty cool and my daughter has had lots of fun dressing her new doll up!

Jigsaw Puzzle Value – $10?

I love these little jigsaw puzzles, my daughter is really into putting them together and the ice cream truck is super cute.

Vanilla Scented Ice Cream Erasers – $2.95

These are cute and they smell like vanilla!  I think these would be more suited to school age children though as my daughter wants to lick them lol.

Sophia was super happy with what she saw in the box and spent a while doing the jigsaw and dressing up the new doll!

Personally I would like to see a better value in this subscription, all totaled this box comes to $27.95 which is almost $8 short of the cost.  I love that it’s personalized and they include activity ideas, but I’d like to see an extra item or two thrown in! If you do sign up for a subscription you can save $60 with a 12 month subscription!

Click Here to learn more about HOOT for Kids.

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