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5 Things John Legere Has Taught Me Through His #SlowCookerSunday Cookbook

In case you are wondering and didn’t know already, I’m a huge fan of T-Mobile, I love their service having used them for over 6 years now.  Recently I received John Legere’s (T-Mobile CEO) new cookbook and I never thought a cookbook could teach me so much, including some mandatory leadership and life skills.

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Having read the book from start to finish, I’ve learned about some new recipes, I’ve learned more about T-Mobile, how they work, how they respect their employees and customers and I’ve learned a lot more about how T-Mobile came to be amazing Un-carrier service it is today. Here are 5 life skills this amazingly put together cookbook has taught me –


There is always time for tradition, I think traditions are one of the main things that bind a family together, like when I was younger I would go over to grandmas every Sunday for her home cooked meals. John Legere has been hosting facebook live shows for over a year now doing #SlowCookerSunday, now you may not think of a CEO as a down to earth guy who cooks for himself but you’re wrong!  John will literally not miss slow cooker Sunday, whether he’s travelling, in a hotel or at an airport, he keeps the tradition alive. It’s important for all people to have traditions, those little things keep us grounded and give us a sense of being!

You Don’t Need To Be A Perfect Cook

I will be the first to admit, I fail at cooking more times than I succeed, but I try, try, then try again until I finally make something that tastes great and looks half decent.  John states that cooking doesn’t always look great, think magazine type foods, but that’s not the end of cooking, if it tastes great, you have a winner and you can work on that, that’s one of my goals for this year. Many of Johns recipe are adapted from other recipes and that’s okay, he gives credit where due throughout the book and he adds his own little twist on things which I think is an awesome way to add your own touch to your cooking!

Listening To Customers and Employees is Important

I’m a web designer and I have lots of amazing customers who usually always let me know if they find a glitch in one of my website templates.  Many customers don’t give feedback, maybe because they don’t know how one will react? John listens to his customers and spends time asking them what they want and listens to their feedback.  This is one amazing way to create a sincere company that your customers are going to love.  I am thankful for the customers who let me know if anything went wrong with some of my designs in my little design business, this is a way for me to improve and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen twice.  Customer feedback is the utmost important feedback you will ever receive, after all, customers are the ones supporting your business, without them, there would be no business.

It’s Okay To Experiment With Different Cuisines

Johns cookbook has many different cuisines, all of which have either been adapted from various blogs and have had a new unique twist added to each.  I live with a picky eater so I tend to stick with cooking mostly the 6 or 7 same meals all over again.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a curry, and I want curry.  From apple dump cake to Jamaican Curry, this cookbook has it all and I just can’t wait to expand my cooking skills a little more and learn to cook new and different things that myself and my family will love.

The Path We Chose Isn’t Always Forever

John started off running when he was younger, he then went onto work for some big companies, went through a divorce then contemplated in his mid 50s what to do with his life, should he start again? He was on a path to finding more for himself when a friend told him about a CEO opening at T-Mobile, he decided to go for, he listened to what the company was going through and knew where he could help.  When I was younger, after I left school at 16, I went to college to work with kids, I ended up not liking it so I did a travel and tourism course to be a holiday rep.  That didn’t work so I went back to college and did office work, that bored me to death.  In the end I went back to college for the fourth time and took a web development course, I was impressed by how quickly I learned to design and code websites. This was back in 2007 when the internet was really getting popular and I haven’t looked back since.  My point is, it’s okay to change careers or start again.

One of my favorite recipes in the cookbook is the apple dump cake, not only does it look incredibly messy, it also looks delicious and exact how a beautiful dump cake should turn out! I’ve recently been tuning into John Legere on instagram, he seems like a super cool down to earth kind of guy and I’m so happy I learned more from and about him through his cookbook!


Leadership, Life and Slow Cooking with CEO and Chef, John Legere is available on and in T-Mobile stores nationwide! The book includes 52 of John Legere’s favorite recipes, mixed with his advice to take from the office to the kitchen. Legere will also take you behind the scenes of his popular SCS cooking show and gives you a small glimpse into his personal life. And, because Legere and the Un-carrier are committed to giving back and creating a future that’s brighter for everyone, net proceeds from the sales of the book will go to Feeding America to support its mission to feed America’s hungry.

Click Here to learn more about the book!



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