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3 Ways To Switch Off During Vacation

While vacationing, what’s one of the first things people do when they arrive at their destination? They take photos, upload them to Facebook, capture Instagram-worthy shots and document every drink and meal. I was one of these people, but over the last year, I have cut down dramatically on the amount of technology I use while on vacation.  

I noticed I was missing great moments with my kid and family, and I wasn’t fully taking in the beautiful surroundings. I was too busy with my phone and trying to capture the perfect shot.

(image source: Unsplash)

Too many people want that perfect “Insta-Cation,” according to the 2019 Alamo Family Travel Survey.  How many times have you seen a travel blogger with their perfectly thought out photos taken by a professional photographer, and you have thought, “Oh my gosh, this looks amazing!” Admit it, we’ve all been there – admiring and planning a vacation around someone’s perfectly photographed and possibly Photoshopped Instagram shot.

Unplugging and enjoying your vacation while capturing your beautiful surroundings is important! We all love to share what we’re doing with our family members, but it’s not too late to remember that you’re on vacation to relax, find new adventures and spend quality time with your family while unplugging.

Take The Pledge

It’s okay to use your phone during vacation. We all want to capture photos and memories to treasure forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t limit your phone use, too. Before smartphones, we used cameras and got our photos developed when we got home. We didn’t need to be constantly online and sharing our every moment with the world. The Alamo Vacation Unplugged Toolkithas a PDF you can download and print so you can take your own pledge. It includes things like phone-free mealtimes and limiting use of your phone. It’s filled with amazing ideas!

(Image Source: Alamo)

Set a Custom Wallpaper

We all need to be reminded at some point to stop scrolling, stop sharing and disconnect from the internet. The Unplugged Family Vacation Toolkit offers  pretty screensavers to add to your phone. This way you have a constant reminder to stop and take in your surroundings instead of scrolling on your phone.

Facebook profile Frames

Let your family and friends know you’re heading on vacation with a custom Facebook profile frame. This way you let your family and friends know you are heading on vacation, you are having some family time and you may be off the grid for a while!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re on vacation? Have you ever just stopped to take it all in?  Have you missed moments while you’re scrolling through social media that can never be recaptured? Take the pledge this summer and go unplugged!

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